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eWaste Recyling

The environment is poised for change. Your action can tilt the balance in favor of a better, cleaner and greener planet instead of a dying, decaying and diseased environment.

Have a computer or television that you don’t use anymore?

Find out more about eWaste Recycling.

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With Australia’s switch to digital television by the end of 2013, TV purchases are set to dramatically increase. 99% of Australian homes have at least one TV, while 55% have more than one.

Know more about how we can enable you to make the most of your e-waste and minimize the damage caused to the environment.

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e Waste Recycling – Best e-Waste Recycling prices in Australia

e-Waste Recycling

e-Waste Recycling is one of the major ways that the community is staying on top of keeping Australia clean.

One major problem with e-waste recycling is that the process of recycling e-waste can be as dangerous for the environment as dumping e-waste in a waste management facility.

We are one of Australia’s premier e-waste recycling companies and our recycling facilities are designed to be green and safe for the environment.

Our recycling facilities are state-of-the-art technology and are designed to minimise energy consumption and wastage during the recycling process. Our machinery is specially designed to separate e-waste components into their base materials which minimises cross contamination.

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