e-Waste Recycling

trashAs you are reading this, you are probably using at least one device or equipment that could be classified as e-waste in a few years. A desk computer, a laptop, a mobile smartphone or a tablet could be one of the devices on which you are reading this message.

A few years or even months from now, you may have acquired a new device which renders the old one inadequate or useless. Something which was very useful just a moment ago is thus dramatically reduced to being useless or at least irrelevant.

Instead of mindlessly discarding the item, which can pose hazardous problems for your immediate environment as well as cause long-term damage, there are many ways in which you can enable the device to be recycled so that it does not become a potential environmental danger.

All kinds of electronic and electric equipment or supporting materials such as computers, monitors, laptops, tablets, all computer accessories, hard drives, key boards, mobile phones, MP3 players, printers, TV, light bulbs and cable wires are all destined to become e-waste in a few years’ time.

Here’s an easy way to find out the enormity of the problem that e-waste poses. Count the number of devices that an average person in your office or household uses. Consider the number of new electronic devices that you have acquired in a year and multiply it with the number of people in your household and you will realize that you are looking at only the tip of the iceberg.

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