Residential E-Waste Recycling Solutions

handsFuelled by the diminishing lifespan of electronic gadgets and our voracious appetite for faster and more efficient consumer electronics, residential e-Waste recycling solutions are growing at a fast pace.

There is always a new electronic gadget that attracts your eye—something that makes your life easier and more fun; it could be the latest coffee-maker or a new game console.

Undoubtedly, technology will evolve in a rapid pace but what’s crucial is that we learn how to dispose of outdated home appliances appropriately.

Secure, reliable home E-Waste solutions

eWaste Recycling is a professional E-Waste solutions provider that can enable you to improve your recycling and waste avoidance practices at home, and in your life with easy-to-follow guidelines and practical advice.

Our operators will contact you at your home, collect your electrical and electronic waste and ensure that up to 98% of it will be recycled appropriately.

Call us today on (03) 9357 3433 to arrange e-waste collection from your homes.