e-Waste We Accept

ewasteWe are connected to some of the most technologically advanced mechanical processing centres in Australia and around the world and can help recycle a variety of E-Waste. eWaste Recycling can provide you with cost-effective recovery and recycling solutions for your company to suit your organisational needs.

We process electrical and electronic equipment according to Australian legislative requirements. We aim to reduce the disposal of electronic waste in landfills or by incineration.

E-Waste includes any product that can be plugged in with an electric cord or operated by battery.


E-waste we can help you recycle

Information and communications technology

ideAComputers, all computer accessories, monitors, hard drives, key boards, printed circuit board, servers, photocopiers, All Printers (inkjet and laser), facsimile machines, old telephones, mobile phones, smart phones, CD’s/DVD’s

Entertainment electronics

ewasteTV’s, hi-fi equipment, speakers and amplifiers, radios, cameras, electric guitars, and DVD players

Large home appliances

Washing machines, electric cookers, dishwashers

Medium home appliances

Microwave ovens, electric fans and electric radiators

Small home appliances

Hair dryers, hair straighteners, irons, vacuum cleaners, toasters and coffee machines

Cooling and freezing appliances

Household and commercial refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning units

Lighting devices

Fluorescent lights, desk lamps and light globes

Sport and leisure equipment

Toys like remote control racing cars and electric trains, video game consoles fitness machines, coin slot machines

Electrical and electronic tools

Drills, electric saws, lawnmowers, nail guns, sewing machines

Monitoring and control instruments

Smoke detectors and thermostats

All power cords & cables, e.g. networking cables


Together we can stop landfill expansion and enhance your organisation’s environmental reputation with responsible recycling.

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