Help Reduce Your E-Waste Footprint in Australia

Take Responsibility for Recycling your E-Waste.

Here’s how you can ensure that your E-Waste is recycled responsibly:

☑   Find an approved e-waste handler that uses a proper recycling process.

☑   Know where your electronic waste will end up.Keep away from toxic traffickers who simply export your old equipment to developing countries.If possible they should be able to reuse and refurbish your equipment.

☑   Clarify that your data and reputation are secure.Be aware of the methods your e-waste handler employs to destroy the data from your data storage devices. Ask for a data erasure certificate.

☑   Ask for a certificate of recycling.

☑   Spread the word. Tell everyone you know about how critical E-Waste recycling is. Share our website with your family and friends.

☑   Donate whenever you can. Your old computer could be repaired, upgraded and passed on to those who need it.

☑   Re-purpose your gadgets. Use your mp3 player as a portable hard drive, why get an additional one?

☑   Avoid upgrading. The best way to tackle e-waste is to not create it in the first place. Resist the urge to upgrade and replace mobile phone or other electronic gadget each time a manufacturer announces the newest version.
Have a computer or television that you don’t use anymore?
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