Our e-Waste Recycling Services

ideAElectronic waste or E-Waste is a rapidly growing problem fueled by the global technological advancement.

E-Waste can be an opportunity, not just a concern.

E-Waste is any discarded obsolete or out-dated electronics that are commonly used in offices, homes, and by people on the go, that include computers, televisions, mobile phones etc.

A computer may be out-dated, but everything from its hard drives to its plastic casing can be recycled or sold for reuse. Recycling E-Waste and computers is an immediate step that every business can take to improve their carbon footprint.

Why use our e-Waste Recycling’s services?

We are committed.

☑   Australia-wide pick-up: Secure and efficient pickup from your doorstep

☑   Logistics services: Transporting and storage of E-Waste

☑   Data security: Physical destruction of hard drives makes any chance of data recovery impossible.

☑   Maximum savings: Call us for an estimate or fill our online booking form.

☑   No more mess: Clear your inventory by eliminating obsolete computer equipment.

We are responsible.

In Australia, most e‐waste is dumped into a landfill, resulting in a loss of non‐renewable resources, and the possibility that the toxic chemicals like including lead, mercury and cadmium will make their way into soil and contaminate the groundwater. We strive to divert as much electronic waste from landfill as possible by recycling your E-Waste. Once we have collected your E-Waste, we deliver it to appropriate recycling facilities where 95-98% of the goods are completely recycled.

We are accountable.

Get a full outline and reports on your equipment, recovery rates and other statistics throughout the stages of the recycling process.

We show you the money.

As Australia’s leading electronic waste and computer recycling service, we provide an eco-friendly, secure and cost-efficient disposal route. If your E-Waste has residual value, we will offer you cash to buy out your equipment at the highest and most reasonable price possible.
Contact us at (03) 9357 3433 to know more about how we can enable you to make the most of your e-waste and minimize the damage caused to the environment