Toxic Materials Commonly Found in E-Waste


We have compiled an indicative list of the latent dangers inherent in e-waste which if not disposed of properly can cause irreparable damage and harm to lives and the environment.

Beryllium Oxide

Found in thermal grease that is used in CPUs, Beryllium Oxide is a known carcinogenic. Exposure to Beryllium Oxide can occur via inhalation or internally such as accidental ingestion or getting it into your eyes.

How it harms you: Chest pain, cyanosis, anorexia, pulmonary insufficiency and even lung cancer.

Flame retardants

This carcinogenic is present in the circuit boards and the plastics used in electronics.

How it harms you: Impaired development of nervous system, thyroid problems and liver complications.


Found in old cathode ray tubes and light emitting diodes.

How it harms you: Cancer, strokes, heart diseases, chronic lower respiratory diseases and death.


Found in batteries, solder and the glass from CRT monitors.

How it harms you: Negative effect on your heart, kidneys, bones and nervous system.


Found in fluorescent lighting, thermostats and flat screen monitors.

How it harms you: Dermatitis, memory loss, muscle weakness and death.


Found in light sensitive receptors and rechargeable batteries.

How it harms you: Can cause severe damage to your lungs and kidneys.
There are many sustainable, responsible and even profitable ways in which you can dispose of your E-Waste.

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